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Slappin’ G String


Geert Goossens aka Slappin’ G String

On his fifteenth birthday Geert discovered that four strings where the key to realize an amazing groove and as tool for this trade he originally chose a life-sized instrument called the double bass (contrabass), not obvious but very efficient and an eye-catcher on every stage.

Being a born performer he quickly discovered his vocal abilities and ambitions.

With a variety of Ska, Jazz and blues bands he played on various venues in the following years, a Swedish tour with the Johnny Red’s Band and an appearance in 2006 on the famous BRBF (Belgian Rythm and Blues Festival) with Dr Blue Beat, being the highlights.

Joining the Smooth Flavour band after a very impressive audition he discovered the amazing disco licks of the late Bernard Edwards among others opening a complete new world of inspiration to him.

As the band’s “groove-master” he is largely responsible for the SF swing content and may be considered as a cornerstone in the entire concept.