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Wendy D’Joos


Wendy’s musical career started already during her childhood as a singer in her dad’s band, so she grew up in between the music business and the stage became like her second home…at that young age she performed in different coverbands and soon she recorded and released a first single with a duo called “Blush”, they got a lot of airplay on different radio and television shows among others the popular Belgian music topic “Tien om te Zien”, promoting national artists; very often she was a backing vocalist for lots of different well known national and international artists as there are Kate Ryan, Johnny Logan, Jo Lemaire, Nicole en Hugo, Willy Sommers, Barbara Dex, Gene Thomas, Gary Hagger, Laura Lynn and so many others…on stage she expands as a very dynamic personality with a big soul for music and that’s exactly what she reflects during her live gigs….