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Dr Beat


Jelle Degroof aka Dr Beat

Smooth Flavour‘s motor is a dynamic personality.

Never underestimate him too quickly because being rather small in height and having a rather quiet personality, he is a real multitasker and has an insatiable energy.

Originally he started his career with Smooth Flavour as a light engineer and he was very creative in it too, when we later found out that he was a very experienced drummer it placed us for a while between a rock and a hard place, but eventually when after a while there came a vacancy for this position within the band, the decision was quickly made.

Moreover the blending with Geert on the bass was an instant match, giving Smooth Flavour the perfect move on the groove.

Before joining SF Jelle played in several cover-bands and he is also a very capable light & sound engineer who is frequently on the road.

His technical skills are a big benefit for the band’s logistics.